Operation: Black Phoenix

Operation: Black Phoenix 1.1

Adan Girard

Ex-CIA Analyst/Computer Expert

July 16th, 2016

Berlin, Germany

   As of two days ago, having fled from my hotel room in Warsaw, Poland, I became a fugitive from the CIA. After many years spent in the agency, being witness to a world of distortion, secrecy and corruption, where lies are often told to support more lies, I have, at last, decided I can take no more. I want the truth to be told. I believe the world has the right to know. To that end, it was my intention to smuggle out a host of files that I would then reveal to all and thus provide proof positive of government conspiracy, including, among other things, detailed reports on illegal interrogation methods being conducted at a secret black site facility near Szymany Airport, 160 miles north of Warsaw.

   Unfortunately, just prior to my planned defection from the CIA, I became aware that some of my colleagues and superiors had suspected my intentions and I was forced to make a sudden and early departure, narrowly escaping a raid on my hotel room. I therefore was unable to obtain the files that I had planned to take with me and now do not have the proof I had hoped to show the world. The good news though, is that with no stolen files, the agency will likely not put as much effort into tracking me down. But I have no intention of letting any unforeseen setbacks stop me now. Somehow, someway, I will get the proof I need. And when I have enough, all will be revealed.

   My objective now is to take what intel I have retained, apply all the skills I have developed so far and use them to avoid capture, while finding some means of reacquiring the necessary proof. However, should I fail at any point to reach my objective, I will leave behind this running report on all of my activities taken towards this goal, which I shall henceforth refer to as Operation: Black Phoenix.

   Having checked into a low budget hotel here in Berlin, under an alias and paid for with cash, I have contacted an acquaintance of mine, a former Russian interrogator (also trained in medicine among his many attributes) by the name of Alexei Tretiak, using an online codename. We have agreed to meet and it is my hope that I can convince him to aid me in my endeavors, as I believe him to share many of the same views as I. With any luck, he may prove to be a valuable ally.

July 19th, 2016

   I have met with Alexei and we have spoken at great length about our current goals and objectives, both individual and mutual. I made a proposal to him about an operation that I was considering and he was very interested. As a result, we have decided to try and put together a team, at least temporarily, to see if we can develop a feasible plan for my proposed operation. But we will need to be quick about it though, as the window for this operation will be brief and soon in its arrival.

July 25th, 2016

   With little time to spare, we have managed to put together our team. Including myself and Alexei, we have added a South African explosives and mechanics expert by the name of Watkin Jones and a German born sniper and surveillance expert by the name of Klaus (last name unknown), two men I have worked with in the past as they both were members of Blackwater. Our fifth member comes with the recommendation of Alexei. Although he is the least known member of the team, Alexei assures me he is loyal since Alexei once treated him for bullet wounds and saved his life. An ex-bodyguard for the Camorra mafia in Naples, he goes by the name of Tony Novelli and brings to the team some much needed skills in combat, driving and piloting.

   With our team now assembled, we have devised a plan to intercept a meeting between a gun smuggling operation and their Russian-sympathizing buyers in Donetsk, Ukraine. Hoping to prevent any uprising of Russian militants in the area and a violation of the 2014 Geneva Pact, as well as helping ourselves to our pick of the weapons and the funds to pay for them, said to be in the form of smuggled diamonds, we will soon be setting out for Ukraine.



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