Operation: Black Phoenix

Operation: Black Phoenix 2.1

March 2nd, 2017

   Contacted today by Georg Rudek. Says he has a job for us – a heist in Sarajevo. Wants us to meet him in Dubrovnik in 2 days. Says the job pays € 100k apiece.

March 3rd

   The op is a go. All arrangements have been made. Looks like we’re getting the band back together again.

March 4th

   Arrived in Dubrovnik at 1730. Met with Georg at Hotel Lero and given details. The mission is to nab a laptop from Brigadier General Malcolm Lennart of the Canadian Air Force currently stationed at NATOHQ at Camp Butmir in Sarajevo. Have 6 days to accomplish before Lennart returns to Canada. Must not allow Lennart to retain any files from computer. Rudek suspects that employers do not want Lennart killed and would likely prefer a low profile op. Watkin is proposing a quick smash and grab style job, while Alexei is advocating a much more stealthy approach. We shall see. Once the package is obtained, we are to rendezvous with Anton Dedopovic at a remote location east of a village named Gostilj near the Serbian border. According to Alexei, Dedopovic is a real pierce of work – killer, rapist, human trafficker, drug dealer. None of us is interested in giving this man any info. But we have accepted the mission because I am interested in what intel might be found on the laptop. As for Dedopovic, we look forward to double-crossing him. Rudek has paid us half of the 100k transferred to offshoreaccounts from a bank in Vienna owned by the Russian mafia. This last fact does not please Alexei, and is another reason for not turning over the intel.

March 5th

   Drive into Sarajevo no problem thanks to Rudek greasing palms at the border into Bosnia. Checked into Hotel Bosna -1 as set up by Rudek. Watkin acquired suitable mail delivery uniform allowing him to get close to Lennart’s townhouse in suburb of Ilidza 4km from base. Was able to inspect alarm system and spotted Lennart and local cooking/cleaning lady inside. Afterwards we have formulated a plan. Have found a listing of the townhouse for rent online. Will try to use this to gain entrance into house.

March 6th

   Contacted leasing agent for Lennart’s townhouse and scheduled a visit to home. Cleaning lady will meet us there tomorrow at 0900. Spent the remainder of the day checking other options in case this does not pan out, and waiting.

March 7th

   Alexei and Watkin posed as potential renters and met with leasing agent at townhouse. While Alexei kept the agent and the cleaning lady occupied upstairs, Watkin rigged living room window so alarm won’t be triggered and concealed 2 video bugs: one covering living room, dining room and part of kitchen; the other covering master bedroom on 2nd floor. Will spend next few days on surveillance.

March 9th

   After 2 days of surveillance, have a good idea of Lennart’s routine. Tony tried to tail him home from the base yesterday but lost him in traffic. Still, we believe our plan will work. I have acquired a defective hard drive to match Lennart’s laptop. We will make the switch tonight. If anything goes wrong, we may have to resort to going in hard. Lennart’s last day is tomorrow.

March 10th

   Last night at about 0100, Alexei and Watkin snuck into townhouse. Alexei drugged Lennart in his sleep to make sure he would not wake up. Then Watkin switched out the hard drive and removed the video bugs. Following extraction, cloned hard drive into encrypted online storage. Then drove the 4 hours to the rendezvous point, a remote memorial to Serbian war dead high up in the hills. Arrived at dawn. Wilhelm spotted a sniper in nest in the trees overlooking area so we drove on past. Behind a building, Watkin and Wilhelm got out and circled around to the sniper’s back. We called the Belgrade phone number with a sat phone and were told, in English with a thick Serbian accent, to meet Anton at 2200. Watkin and Wilhelm stayed behind to watch sniper while the rest of us drove to the nearby town of Srebrenica to wait.



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